Friday, February 26, 2010

Layer 255 . . . Heads on the Block, Ladders and Social Mobility

Yesterday's optimism has somewhat melted away.

Parents to choose leaders of failing schools

New powers will enable parents to vote for a university, company or top state school to run their children's schools, Gordon Brown promised today

"I stand for excellence in education. Because education is a ladder to social mobility."

Brown knows as much about education as the average person knows about brain surgery. His view of it is purely instrumental, materialistic, and political. The man's a disgrace to the Labour movement and to all working people who don't necessarily want to be fucking 'mobile' - they want to live fulfilled and creative lives that are free of poverty, poor housing, poor health - and poor education - the kind of impoverished education which imagines that chasing academic test and exam success is real learning. What has New Labour done to address the real issues, apart from issue more and more central dictats, more privatisations, more targets, more threats, more disparagement, etc, whilst simultaneously deregulating and bigging up the bankers and financiers?

"Broken Britain" is in its current condition because for decades it's been governed by two political parties that are far to the right of Britain's post-war Tory governments, with both New Labour and New Tories having completely swallowed the ideologies of the New Right, which is all that's on offer even now, unless people vote tactically in order to bring about a somewhat hung parliament and also keep out the out and out fascists.


And talking of fascists - this is the week in which Nigel UKIP Farage stood up in the European parliament and made himself look like the disgusting xenophobic pig he certainly is - and a total disgrace to the rest of us.

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