Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Layer 305 . . . Rats and Sinking Ships

More and more of the Labour troops are coming forward to say they think Labour can't or shouldn't do a deal with the LibDems - and so the party should let the Tories and LibDems do whatever they want to do. Fucking amazing.

Charlie Faulkener is one who's saying "I think we're doing ourselves damage now, as a party."

And this seems to be the main concern of many of these bastards - they're more bothered about the wellbeing of their party than the wellbeing of the people they're supposed to represent.

I wouldn't be surprised if they quite fancy a period of time out of the driving seat. In which case they should fuck off and let someone else from within their party take over. They should do that anyway.

Many of them will no doubt be thinking they quite fancy making a pot of money from little sidelines elsewhere if they're not in government.

A great many of them are such careerist and tribalist bastards they're no doubt thinking - and rubbing their hands with glee - about the shit that's going to land on the Tories when they start slashing and burning. Pure political calculation, without giving a toss for the fact that over 50% of us actually voted for a left-leaning government.

The final point is that many of these tribalists and careerists don't want anything to do with proportional representation, or even STV. Kate Hooey's one of these anti-PR people who say Labour should jack it in. Fine for her - this is all she's got to disturb her orderly little life. She doesn't bat an eyelid at the sheer unfairness of FPTP either.

Fuck the lot of them. It's going to be interesting to find out sooner or later who were the ones prepared to fight, and who didn't feel a jot of responsibility for carrying out the wishes of the majority of the electorate.

And there's one more category of Labourite that wants to pack it in. There seem to be a few of them who relish the prospect of having an almighty internal punch-up in the aftermath - many of them because they can't stomach the likes of Balls, Alexander, Milibands, Cooper, etc carrying on with their career trajectory, and want very badly to see them done down and beaten up. In many ways I agree, but this is a luxury that the vulnerable people of this country can't afford.

Large holdalls are currently being loaded into the backs of cars at the rear of No 10 . . .

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