Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Layer 306 . . . Changing of the Guard

I'm glad Harriet's going to be acting leader for the time being, and she'll be fronting the media. She's always been her own person and hasn't had to rely on Blairite or Brownite patronage. She'll talk sense. She can also be honest and not feel any need to bullshit. I hope she also sets out an agenda for renewal, and is frank about the errors of New Labour.

I hope Clegg and co expose the arrogance of NL in their contacts with them today, and explain exactly why they felt repulsed by the NL mob.

We can now get on with putting the boot into these fucking losers - Balls, Milibands, Mandelson, Adonis, and assorted shitheads. I want to see huge dollops of shit poured over their pathetic and narcissistic heads.

Can't believe the TV people invited a fucking clown like Prescott to commentate on these momentous times. He's as much an irrelevance as Blunkett, Reid and Mandelson. I want to see Mandelson strung up on a metaphorical lamppost.

We should also wish Cameron well in his efforts to sideline the neanderthal wing of the Tory party, which he will have to do in order to keep the LibDems sweet. If he brings in a bunch of the Tory knuckle-draggers then he'll be well and truly fucked.

It's going to be interesting to find out what kind of promises the LibDems have been able to extract.

Depressing to think who's going to be Chancellor and Foreign Sec. Bozos.

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